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Lifestyle + Outdoor

 Our lifestyle and outdoor collection has a lot of great items that you can customise and brand for all kinds of gifting and promotional marketing needs. You will find BBQ items, car and boat gear, chairs and beach items, outdoor gear, coolers, sunglasses, promotional tents, and so much more. Plus, you can find dozens of styles and colours available and you will be able to add your custom logo and printing to all of them so that you can show off your style and get your brand out there. 

We even have custom first aid kits that you can brand with your business logo to promote safety, keep the workplace stocked, and even hand out as gifts to customers or promotional items that remind people to stay safe and when they need a helping hand, they can count on your brand. 

Consider using cooler bags and picnic gear as a way to offer summer gifts for employees or prizes and incentives at company picnics. You can use the coolers for the event and then when it’s over, you can auction them off or give them away and have a promotional item out there with your name on it floating around in the world. 

You can even sell cooler bags and picnic supplies to customers if it’s part of your business, or offer things as a gift with purchase to encourage sales and new leads. The lifestyle and outdoor collection gets a lot of attention because all of the cool items that you can choose from and how you use them are going to be entirely up to you. 

Perhaps you want to set up your team for summer with custom BBQ items, or a set of beach towels and gear that are branded so that they know who to thank for the great gift. Of course, it’s also about expressing your appreciation and you can trust that any of these items will serve the purpose in more ways than one. Check out the selection for yourself and consider how you could put these promotional items to work for your brand, or even how you could use them for employee gifts that will remind people of how much they are appreciated. 

And remember, if you need help or are looking for more information about these products, contact the team at because we’re always here to help with your orders, from start to finish, and will guarantee that you get the solutions that you need.

Our custom branded lifestyle and outdoor products can be shipped Austraiia wide including all capitals (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adeliade, Perth, Hobart, Darwin) and all regional areas