Whatever way you choose to woo a client or retain a client, it is likely that you put a lot of thought and effort into the whole process. If some of what you do involves taking them individually or in groups to sporting events, you already know that there are a lot of moving parts to the activity. There is the transportation, the purchasing of passes and other onsite amenities, the planning for discussing business (or not) during the event, ensuring some photos are made, and more.

Summer may be a time for lazing around, that does not mean your brand has to take a holiday. These Inflatable Lazy Beds are a fun and interactive way to keep your brand working all summer long.

They equally as fun at home in the pool, at the beach, lake or river. A large printing area means you get great brand exposure while your clients are chillaxing. Also, think of the brand exposure your client's friends will get as they socialise.

Sales people are always motivated to do their jobs because, more often than not, their earnings depend on the amount of sales made. However, there are times when motivation and inspiration may be needed to get them really rolling along with their work. A motivated salesforce is often one of the most important elements in a business, and it is why sales teams are so frequently the recipients of lots and lots of attention and support.

What can a company or business do when they ...

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