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Trade Shows - How Gain Maximum Effect from Trade Shows


With careful planning before you attend a trade show, you will be able to enhance your company brand through your employees, your show activities, and promotional products, as well as your booth. 


Your employees will be outstanding if they are all dressed uniformly. Their customised apparel should be coordinated with the theme of the booth, and ought to sport the company logo and name. By creating this consistent visual image, you also create a strong branded impact on anyone seeing your employees, whether in the booth or in the aisles.


Promotional products help over 83% of the recipients to remember your company, so have some fun with great promotional products especially chosen to further your company message. A well-designed product should have some connection with your branding and marketing plan, it should be useful, and that product must be in good taste and well-constructed.


Plan some activities that show attendees will enjoy, and this is, again, a spot where you can tie in an appropriate promotional product. Promotional items are always attractive for people love to win or receive gifts. Activity in your booth will bring people running to learn about your company.  


Contact 4Promote to schedule a consultation with one of our promotional strategists. They can help you plan a memorable next trade show appearance.  




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                                     Lanyards                      Name Tags, Buttons                         Shirts 
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Pop Banners and Stands Posters and Banners Brochures Mints / Lollies



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Tote Bags Pens Notepads Key rings




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