We have a range fo automatic sanitiser dispensers. Operated via infrared motion the dispensers deliver a measure does of sanitiser with a touch-free action.

Infrared Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser (hands-free) - Desktop

The Infrared ...

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In the history of promotional products, sunglasses are a perennial favourite. This is due to one thing they are a vitally important accessory to most modern people. Outdoor eye protection is crucial in this period of increasing UV light, and so having a spare pair (or two, or ten!) is always helpful.

Rainbow Promo Sunglasses

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Winter is no time to let your brand chill and this Coral Fleece Blanket can be custom branded to keep your branding working. Coral Fleece is thicker and has a higher pile than regular polar fleece, creating a super fluffy warm blanket.

Coral Fleece Blankey (Navy, Black, Silver)

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