Polo shirts are used across industries as uniforms, but they are also valued additions to personal wardrobes. Part of that is their multifunctional nature a polo can be casual and fun, or professional and refined depending on how it's worn and the rest of the ensemble. With the Solar-Lite polo, you get the same capabilities, combined with eco-friendly benefits.

A Closer Look at the Solar-Lite Polo

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Whether youre looking for a great way to outfit your team or an amazing gift or giveaway item, the humble polo has a lot to offer. And when you choose the Kahve polo, you can add eco-friendliness to the polos timeless look. 

A Timeless Classic

Whats more classic and timeless than the polo? It works equally well in casual and professional environments. Pair ...

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The polo has cemented itself as a core part of todays wardrobe. It can be both professional and casual, which makes this shirt well-suited for use in virtually any situation. It can be used as part of an official uniform, but it is equally at home on the driving range or simply worn around the house. However, what has been missing for some time is an eco-friendly option. The Bio-Weave polo is the answer to that.

What to Know ...

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