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Within the hallowed halls of a school, there exists a number of promotional opportunities which will not only enhance school spirit but also create bonding within your student body.


Schools have a number of ways that they can promote their uniqueness to the public. Student uniforms, team uniforms, school bags, water bottles, and hundreds of different promotional products can all be customised with the school name, mascot, and motto. Each will distinguish your students within the community.


Within the extensive 4Promote inventory, you will find everything you need to dress your students, outfit your team members, and provide supporters with various school spirit momentos. Besides the various uniforms available, you can find book bags, sport bags, key chains, water bottles, pens, pencils, and anything else that is appropriate for student and alumni use, and everything can be personalised according to your directions.


Mascots are extremely popular, and we can provide a special order of these for your students complete with mascot name and colors, plus school name. Consult with our marketing specialists for more ideas on how to promote your school and student body.



Promotional_Flexi_Grip_Calculator Promotional_Polycotton_School_Bucket_Hat Promotional_19mm_Econo_Dual_Attachment_Lanyard Promotional_Coloured_Pencils_In_Cardboard_Tube
Flexi Grip Calculator Polycotton School Bucket Hat 19mm Econo Dual Attachment Lanyard Coloured Pencils In Cardboard Tube


Promotional_Backpack Promotional_ BIC_Clic_Stic Promotional_JBs_Kids_Jumper Promotional_Set_of_3_Retractable_Highlight_Wax_Markers
Backpack BIC Clic Stic JB's Kids Jumper Set of 3 Retractable Highlight Wax Markers


Promotional_Mini_Compendium_With_Calculator Promotional_ Toy_Brain_Teasers Promotional_Calculator_Pencil_Case_With_Zipper Promotional_A5_Notebook_With_Pen_And_Scale_Ruler
Mini Compendium With Calculator Toy Brain Teasers Calculator Pencil Case With Zipper A5 Notebook with Pen and Scale Ruler


Promotional_ E_Book_Reader Promotional_Transparent_30cm_Premium_Plastic_Ruler Promotional_The_Senoia_Triple_Container Promotional_Stargon_Flash_Drive_4GB
E-Book Reader Transparent 30cm Premium Plastic Ruler The Senoia Triple Container Stargon Flash Drive 4GB


Promotional_Slim_Slap_On_Watch_Digital Promotional_Rectangular_Pencil_Sharpener Promotional_Marina_Drink_Bottle Promotional_Backsack
Slim Slap On Watch (Digital) Rectangular Pencil Sharpener Marina Drink Bottle Backsack


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