Kitchen Accessories

Snack Tray

Reusable snack tray that is stackable and ideal for serving snacks or food at parties and events. It is manufactured from polypropylene which is shatt ...
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Polypropylene. An attractive, easy-to-hold, kitchen necessity. Moulded in dishwasher-safe, polypropylene material with non-slip thumb grip. Protective ...
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Therma-Grip Magnetic Pot Holder

Cotton. A heavier, all cotton construction with a powerful, 18 mm diameter magnet sewn inside, underneath the loop. White/Blue. Product Size: 181Lx181 ...
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Therma-Grip Oval Oven Mitt

Cotton. Oval oven mitt can also function as a pot holder. Large all cotton design, covers entire hand. Hook for easy hanging and access. Solid quilted ...
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Therma-Grip Pocket Oven Mitt

Cotton. Nicely appointed stripes enhance your kitchen design. All cotton construction with hang-up loop. Quilted back. Red/White Stripes, Blue/White S ...
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Therma-Grip Silicone Fingertip Mitt

Silicone. All of the protection of silicone heat resistance at your fingertips. Slip on and off for fast decision making and safety. Dishwasher safe m ...
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Therma-Grip Silicone Oven Mitt

Silicone. Handle the hottest kitchen action with silicone. All silicone construction with hanging hole for easy access. Molded pattern for secure grip ...
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Vegetable Peeler

Unique vegetable peeler with a built in grater and a wide plastic handle that is comfortable to hold and provides a large branding area. The metal pee ...
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Rubber kitchen whisk with a smart stainless steel handle. Hand washing is recommended. A production lead time of 10-15 working days applies to this pr ...
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Wooden Wine Box

Presentation box for a bottle of wine which has a sliding lid and is handcrafted from pine wood. It will hold a wine bottle which is up to 80mm in dia ...
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